Watch Armenia Fund Telethon 2012 this Thanksgiving


Mark your calendars!

Armenia Fund Telethon 2012 will once again broadcast internationally onThanksgiving Day, November 22.

This year, however, we have a unique mission. Telethon 2012 will rally the global community of Armenians towards two aims: Strengthening Armenia’s villages and providing vital aid to the struggling Armenian communities of Syria.

In Armenia and Artsakh, we’ll be working to build multifunctional community centers in remote borderline villages. These centers will give villages a chance to start living as communities, rather than groupings of people, laying the foundations for building civil society across rural Armenia.

For Syrian Armenians, we’ll be providing much needed humanitarian aid and support, helping families overcome the unfolding crisis facing the community.

Join the effort early by giving us a jump-start this Telethon season. Donate today to bring relief to Syrian Armenians, build a community, revitalize a village, and strengthen your homeland–all for the future of our nation. Then, mark your calendars and watch the Telethon on Thanksgiving Day, Nov 22.